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Not Much to Say…

It’s been quiet around my part of the internet these days.  Sometimes, I don’t have a whole lot to say.  Lately, you can just picture me sitting at a long fold up plastic table, surrounded by school books, red pens, and lots of papers with my boy sitting […]

Is it Spring Yet?

Morning!  The weather has me in a mood today.  I woke up to the sound of rain and a very dark bedroom.  It’s always hard getting up on days like these, but I’m here and I’m thinking about spring.  It is just around the corner after all.  What […]

Winter In Tennessee

Well, my self-imposed posting plan has gone to the wayside.  I start my week off with every intention on getting specific posts up on specific days, then I just run out of time.  So a photo post on a Thursday night will have to do for right now. […]

A Sunday of Photos

It was a wet and dreary week for pretty much the whole of last week, but that wasn’t the case the for the weekend before; it was beautiful!  I really do love fall, and my favorite fall days are those that have plenty of sunshine.  I am particularly […]

Another Year of Daily Photos

I’m surprised that I didn’t mention this more, but if you remember, last year around this time I started a daily photo challenge over on Instagram (I used it as a blog post a time or two).  Initially, it was only supposed to be for a month; then […]