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Last Week With Photos

Hi, everyone.  I am a little behind with posting over here, but no need to worry, I can get you all caught up pretty quickly.  I’ve been busy, but mostly I’ve been having fun.  Being on the go isn’t that bad when the places you are going and […]

Friday July 24th

I have slacked off some with my daily journal writing in the physical sense.  These days my actual journal book is just used as a prop for these weekly pictures.  Since I do keep up with the basic run down of my week over here on the blog […]

Fun, Food, and Weeds

I hate that I am starting to think of school related things already.  There is still plenty left of summer, but that little responsible planning voice in the back of my head is starting to get my attention more and more as the hot days pass on.  But […]

Wednesday Morning Coffee

Good morning, internet world!  How is life for you all today?  Instead of going back to bed to enjoy my coffee in front of the iPad after my guy headed out the door this morning, I decided to drink it in front of the computer and check in […]

This Week I…

This week I cut my bangs too short.  Have you ever done this?  It is very annoying, and I haven’t made this mistake in quite a long time.  The weather is not making it any better because it has been so hot and humid that the second I […]

Last Week in My Life

As you all are well aware, it is not Friday anymore.  It came and went and all I did, blog wise, was title this post and edit a picture.  Then, the power flickered due to some really nice storms that came through Friday afternoon, I lost my internet […]