Category: My So Called Photography

A Barn in Four Seasons

It was last April that I decided to document this old barn through the seasons.  This was spring: All that new green growth!  I didn’t forget about this little photo endeavor of mine, and last week before summer was officially over, I drove down the road and got […]

Things Growing in My Yard

It’s nice and rainy in West Tennessee this Thursday afternoon.  How is the weather where you are?  I went out walking around the yard the other day and was surprised to see that I had flowers growing in my backyard.  And there were so many!  I planted black-eyed […]

Spring in the Vineyard 2017

Everything is budding, turning green, and getting beautiful over here in West Tennessee.  And the vineyard is looking pretty good this season as well.  Lots of muscadine leaves are budding out and it is, once again, time to admire the vineyard and watch the leaves grow. It all […]

Sunday’s Snaps

The weather has been just wonderful the last couple of days over here in West Tennessee.  It really seems like winter is on its way out, and Sunday was the perfect example of such.  I know, winter could still show its face anytime in the next several weeks, […]