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52 Weeks of Photos: Week 1

As a wannabe photographer, I will probably always be a work in progress.  I am always made very aware of this when I go out on photo walks and take pictures specifically for an intended purpose.  I am much better with the candid, unplanned shots. The theme for […]

52 Week Photography Challenge

I love a good challenge.  I’ve done a few on here, mostly pertaining to wearing things, but this one I am talking about today has to do with photography and getting better with that.  I use my camera all of the time, and I’m still learning as I […]

A Barn in Autumn

It was a misty November 3rd when I took this pictures for my Fall Barn photo.  I was waiting for the leaves to change on the bushes beside the barn, but I couldn’t wait much longer.  Besides the grass and field brush, there wasn’t much of a color […]

Fall in Photos

I’ve been blogging for eight years this month.  I knew that November was my blogiversary, but I had forgotten that it had been that long since I got this little ol’ blog of mine up and running.  Monday, WordPress reminded me, and I am happy to still be […]