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The Year That Got Away

When I think back on 2016, the title of this post pretty much sums it up.  So much went on for me this year and I really can’t remember when I’ve been more busy.  This was the year that found me feeling like I was running in a […]

My New Favorite Month

It is kind of like I completely skipped over September here on the blog, isn’t it?  That’s okay, because I don’t like September near as much as I used to.  It used to be that it was my favorite month.  I have heard it been said that a […]

Happy at Home

A very big good morning to you all!  I am home today, the whole day, and couldn’t be happier about it.  (The whole day until gym time anyway, but that is way into this day’s future so I’ve got a good many hours here to catch up.)  The […]

Where Has the Summer Gone?

Hi, all!  Whew, this has been the fastest summer ever!  At least it sure feels like it now that I am down the the last week of my break.  Where did it go, and where have I been?  In case you maybe thought my blogging absence was due […]

Life Lately…

Good morning, blog reading world!  How is the day going for you so far?  I am awake and feeling refreshed – a little extra sleep has a way of doing that to me.  Also, this nice cup of coffee at my left hand side is helping with the […]