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Dear Diary 2018: Weeks 29-30

Just when I thought I was on a roll!  The busiest week of my summer break just happened and instead of blogging, or anything computer related actually, I was just trying to catch up.  When you last heard from me, I had a pulled back muscle.  The week […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 28

It’s like there’s a sound of crickets over here on the blog.  Things have been quiet the last week, and I’ve got a couple reasons for it.  Let me get to them in my regular old, diary style post: Sunday, July 8th:  Early up and out to check […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 26

It was a bit of a down week for me, not in a bad way, but I did have a few feel sorry for myself moments.  A couple things that got under my skin this week: My feet have been hurting since boot camp.  I wake up hobbling […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 25

Sunday, June 17th:  Let me just jump right in to last week.  Today was gonna be a busy one.  Stephen had to check hive 2 to find out if in fact it was queenless.  It appeared to be, so on my to-do list for this week is to find […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 24

Right now I really feel like taking a nap, but it’s 6 in the evening and probably too late for a nap so I will catch up over here instead.  This 24th week of 2018 was a very hot and humid week in West Tennessee.  We’ve hit the […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 23

I bring to you today another week of my life.  I told you last time this week wouldn’t be as exciting, and I was right.  Pretty much the bulk of my week was about deep cleaning the house.  That started on Monday.  Before that was Sunday though and […]